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Conferences Dedicated to Preclinical Models in Oncology at World Preclinical Congress 2015

Despite the tremendous progress in our understanding of cancer biology, most novel anticancer therapies fail in Phase 3 clinical trials. This situation brings into question the quality of preclinical tumor models and predictability of preclinical studies in oncology. Cambridge Healthtech Institute is proud to announce a comprehensive cluster of conferences dedicated to preclinical models in oncology. In two back-to-back conferences, there will be discussions of general strategies in preclinical modeling in oncology, approaches to use patient-derived xenograft models to inform clinical trials and patient care, and models for preclinical assessment of cancer immunotherapy. Imaging in preclinical and clinical trials in oncology will be featured in the third meeting of the cluster and the fourth meeting highlights 3D models applied to oncology research. Join pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic stakeholders June 10-12 in Boston for interactive sessions, panel discussions, and short courses, all geared toward providing opportunities for active networking and collaborating, while also giving the chance to gain strategic insight into solutions for increasing the predictability of preclinical cancer studies.