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Save the Date – World Pharma Congress 2015

June 10-12, 2015
Westin Boston Waterfront
Boston, MA

Thank you for taking the time to join the World Pharma Congress and its co-located events at our new location in Boston! More than 900 scientists and clinicians attended the event this year. The exhibit hall displayed a record number of booths and posters. We were joined by a large community of students and post-doctoral fellows. The move to Boston certainly brought us closer to the hub of preclinical activity, and our theme “Tackling Translational Challenges” seemed to resonate with speakers, attendees and exhibitors alike. People enjoyed the networking opportunities and we are delighted to hear that a few of you are looking to set up new collaborations based on these meetings.

In recent years the World Pharma Congress has built its niche in effectively covering the latest preclinical strategies and technologies driving better predictions early in drug development. This year we continued this tradition by covering novel preclinical models for oncology and pain, ways to improve drug safety, formulations, drug delivery and process chemistry. Our co-located events complemented us well by covering strategies for medicinal chemistry, structure-based drug design, property-based drug design and target validation. We will continue to build our stronghold in the preclinical space going forward.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and observations with us on site and after the event. Please continue to reach out to us by filling out our online evaluation form or following us on LinkedIn or Twitter (#CHIWPC14). We will continue to shape the content and make improvements based on your feedback.

For suggestions on program topics or speakers, please contact Tanuja Koppal, Conference Producer (tkoppal@healthtech.com)

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Here is what your peers have said about this year’s event:

I very much enjoyed my participation in the event and was impressed by the quality of the talks and the networking opportunities the meeting has provided.
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. 

I thought the Pain conference went very well and that it was neatly organized. Themes were appropriate and I always prefer 20-25 min talks. I enjoyed it and I might be pursuing a collaboration with one of the companies present at the meeting! 

Ireally enjoyed the Drug Safety conference. This is a very high quality conference which offered wonderful networking opportunities. I have developed at least three potential collaborations through the meeting and communicated with many experts in the field.  

The Formulations conference was better than others I have attended for CHI and I told my staff that the chemists should have attended. I wished that I had the two days to stay and listen.  

Please also accept my congratulations on a very well organized, personalized conference – one almost wants it to stay that way and not become another AAPS !!! 

The conference overall is very helpful and the presentations had good quality with novel approaches and enabling technologies.  

Thank you again for inviting me to the CHI conference in Boston over the past several days. I think the presentations were very provocative. I learned a great deal and made some promising contacts. 

I enjoyed the meeting and most importantly learned quite a bit, plus made some very useful connections 

The talks were all good and the discussion after each talk was very constructive. I got some good ideas to implement in our lab to further validate the imaging data. I am very happy about this. I also made some good contacts. 

The biggest crunch that a graduate student faces while he is on his PhD is the availability of funds to attend good meetings/conferences. The only reason why I could attend this conference is because you had the student fellowships in the conference and I am really thankful for that. This is indeed a great idea andI would insist on keeping this program running. By this not only could I attend the talk of various experts but also could present my own work. First of all, I would like to congratulate and thank you for successfully organizing such a grand 3 day event which caught the attention of people for various fields of research. On a personal note, it was a proud feeling to walk with the student fellow ribbon around the neck.
Medicinal Chemistry (Drug Discovery) lab, Northeastern University 

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